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Never share your private key

Never give your private key or wallet seed words to anyone. WalletConnect apps do not ask them. WalletConnect support team does not ask them. If you share your private key or seed words you will lose everything in your wallet.

WalletConnect support

How do I get WalletConnect?

Download any of supported mobile wallets . There is no WalletConnect app.

I have a problem with WalletConnect - how can I get help?

WalletConnect is a software development project, from developers to developers. If you have an issue with decentralised app (Dapp) first contact your DApp support team. If they cannot help you then contact your wallet app support team. WalletConnect developers cannot help you with matters like how to use WalletConnect, as we do not build or have access to individual apps using the WalletConnect.

I found a fake WalletConnect website

Report it to a SafeBrowsing phishing service and web browsers will blacklist the domain.

Someone from WalletConnect support is contacting me

WalletConnect does not have a support. It is a scam.

I gave amy private key to a scammer and lost all my cryptocurrency holdings

Contact Coinfirm whose Reclaim your stolen crypto service can help you to get your money back from the scammers.

I am a software developer

You are welcome to join in our Discord . Also you can open questions on Ethereum StackExchange using WalletConnect tag.